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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Killing the Reddit Addiction

Reddit has to be the most addicting website on the planet. I can't stop myself from going there. It's an OC behavior, I swear. For one thing, it's fast. You can respond on a link in just a couple minutes and far faster than you can respond on Google Groups. For another, the pages load super fast and don't come with a lot of other junk, much like Google. And most of all, it has relevant information going on with the web today, as well as a programming section, so it's like giving candy to a baby. The baby CAN'T STOP!!!

So my advice to you is, don't go there, especially if you're a web developer. Ask yourself, of all the comments you made, did you get anything done? Did you change anyone's minds? Did your life improve dramatically? No, it didn't. You're only coaxing your ego. The better thing to do is to WRITE SOFTWARE. Get back to work on that startup company idea -- that's what I need to do.

And if you want to use it to catch up on the news, only do it once a week.