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Monday, October 23, 2006

The USA Is Better

No matter where you go, there are these main conditions, where any of these countries may have at least one of these, that make it far worse than living in the USA. You'll deseparately want to come back.

  • Bad healthcare -- sure, it's free, but you wait in tremendous lines for it and the doctor advice is "pat you on the back, send you on your way" style.

  • Welfare state -- the socialists give away too many freebies to the point of implosion. Consider Denmark, which had liberal socialists running the country for years. But when the muslim beggars kept entering the country and went on welfare to a phenomenal amount, and when their was a dramatic uptick in violence, Denmark citizens elected more conservative socialists to try and stem this uptake in street violence and high taxation necessary to sustain that welfare.

  • Low wages -- many countries don't have a minimum wage law. Starting out there might be as low as $1.00 (USD) an hour in your average food service job.

  • Bad roads -- imagine potholes known about by villagers that haven't been filled in for centuries, which the government ignores, just waiting for you to lose a tire in. Imagine driving near a cliff on a thin road that lacks a good guard rail.

  • Racism/ethnic tension. Many of these countries lacked a Martin Luther King and it is clearly evident. The schools are filled with children who divide up on racist lines and end up in fights.

  • Terrible legal system. Imagine laws that should have been stripped off the books not just a few decades ago, but try centuries ago. Imagine an expensive, byzantine-style court system with backroom deals that undermine justice.

  • Taxation without representation. There are many ways that some of these countries tax you without giving you representation for where those taxes are spent.

  • Endless Fees. In England, for instance, you even have to pay a license fee just to have a TV.

  • High taxes. Many of the more advanced countries (if you're poor, looking for the government to lend you a hand half the time) have high taxes. Forget the 50% thing we have in the USA when you add up all of a man's taxes together (sales, income, property). In many of these countries it's more like 70% when you add all those things up.

  • Monarchy. Some of these countries have an elite monarchy and close friends who do nothing but live luxuriously off some of the taxes. How fair is that?

  • Expensive fuel. Think our high gas prices are bad in the USA? Guess again. Most other world citizens don't have the bargaining power like we have, and so they get fuel at high prices. Moreover, the prices are so high that the government actually uses a floating variable taxation on top to try and stabilize the price, making it almost look like the same price each day.

  • More environmental damage. Imagine weaker environment laws in some cases, and stronger ones in others. Some of the air pollution laws are weak for some odd reason, and so you could visit some stinky cities.

  • Too cold. Some of the more advanced (on a socialism perspective) countries are too cold in the winter. Do you love spending two hours each morning to shovel your car out and then driving on icy roads? If so, then Denmark, Finland, or Sweden are for you.