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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Why Wal*Mart Sucks

10. The staff parks in all the good spots up front.
9. The bathroom stalls have broken doors and are disgusting. Imagine the worst possible option and it's there.
8. The floors are nasty throughout the store. They should get a clue from Target.
7. The products are severely low quality and have usually been opened and returned, or are missing parts. I've gone through two DVDRs in two years. They simply just stopped working with no abuse. I purchased a phone and it had caller ID on it registered to various porn shops and strip clubs.
6. The clothes are about two decades out of fashion.
5. The item you want and heard about is not there. However, a version two models back is there and it's the same price. You're better off with Wal*Mart online.
4. The stores that were everything Wal*Mart is not, and which had moderately higher prices, were put out of business by Wal*Mart so that we could have blue jacket idiots and talking machines. Now I have to drive 20 minutes (one way) to get a product I need rather than staying in my home town.
3. They replaced half the checkout staff with these annoying checkout machines.
2. The checkout lines are so long I feel like I'm on an LA freeway.
1. Blue Jacket = ignorance and worthlessness. The happy face isn't there, but even if it's on the jacket, it still doesn't help me find what I want or tell me if something has this or that feature. It's just a happy, worthless face.

I want to be a fan of capitalism, but is this what capitalism gets us? Why is there not a competitor that tries to be everything that Wal*Mart is not? Is it the fact that the Chinese Government subsidizes Wal*Mart and few can compete against that without stooping to almost slave labor?