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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Can't Do This on Windows!

My daughter came over to me and said she didn't save her Abiword document for her class, and it crashed. She thought she had lost everything. I asked if she saved it at least once because the program auto-saves every 5 mins. by default after that and she said she had not saved it at least once. She was in a panic. The first thing I did was tell her that in the future she's going to want to save her doc at least once. Second, I changed the auto-save to every 2 mins. in Abiword. Third, I did something *that you cannot do on Windows!* I went to her Ubuntu computer and did:

$ sudo strings /dev/mem | grep -i dinosaur > /home/family/docs/saved.memory1.txt
$ sudo strings /dev/mem | grep -i temperature > /home/family/docs/saved.memory2.txt

...because she was writing a paper on dinosaur eggs and had at least these two keywords in there. She then opened the text files, highlighted stuff she had previously typed, pasted it back into Abiword, and re-edited it. All was not completely lost.

Now if she had Windows Vista, she would be up the creek.