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Monday, September 11, 2006

Being a USA Republican and Sometimes Regretting It

Sometimes I'm so sick of being Republican. Of course, to me, being Democrat is worse, nothing like being in a party that's only talking points are to be anti-Republican, but being Republican in the USA is such a problem for me.

More often than not, Republicans are unsophisticated when it comes to technology. They are like the cartoon character of the boss who doesn't know the difference between a cardboard computer and a regular one. To them, it's only black or white, not shades of gray. Also, if something dealing with technology has a long-range win and must be endured painfully in the short-term, they don't get it.

Next, too often I see Republicans preaching one thing and doing another -- just as bad as Democrats do.

And to top it off, the thing that bugs me most about the Republican Party is this year's set of Congressional Republicans. With certain pieces of legislation they passed, these losers have turned most of my $200/month + 19% interest credit cards into $400/month + 35% interest credit cards. And they think such a move would get them re-elected?

This term's set of Congressional Republicans and George W. Bush are not conservative enough for me, and if they actually start to get tough on something to the point of sheer joy for me, they backpedal on it or quietly vote completely different than their rhetoric.

With the widespread electronic election fraud that is now being uncovered, and the lack of focus on this issue from the states, I just get so fed up.

I almost want to declare I'm Independent and wash my hands of being a Republican Precinct Chair in my town. I certainly cannot vote Democrat, though, because I do not believe in a "cut and run" strategy, doing nothing but be a polar opposite of what another party is doing without any mode of thought, saying one thing and doing another, or being blatantly immoral as if it's a pretentious taunt to anything moral.

It's time for a new set of Republicans, or a whole other party in the USA.

On Leaving for Iraq with Haliburton

A relative of mine found a deal where he could teach Iraqis to be prison guards. He stands to make $400,000 tax free, all expenses paid, for one year of abusive work with abusive, hectic management, strange food, crazy people, and a strange land. From that, he can come back and pay off his house, his farm, and still have some money left over. So then another relative of mine heard this and is considering earning $80,000 in a deal to teach Iraqis a career in pest control. I guess they're teaching careers right now in Iraq and this sounds like a good cause.

Okay, but then what happens when these relatives of mine, which I consider like brothers, end up dead, or kidnapped and forced to say things they do not believe, or beheaded, or dragged through the streets, or stoned to death, or eyes gouged out, or blown up from an IED alongside a road? Or what happens when they come home to finally realize that they missed out on a whole year with their children that they cannot get back again without a time machine?

Their wives, unfortunately, are encouraging them not for the sake of Iraqis, but for CASH. Instead, I told my wife, "It's just money." Sure, I'm not doing so well right now financially, but you cannot put a price on experiencing life with your children while they're still home.