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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Creating Rich Client Linux Apps with XPSL

Tonight I've coined the term XPSL to stand for making a rich client application on Linux using Mozilla XUL, PHP, SQLite, and Lighthttpd. The way it works is that the one XUL file is loaded as a chrome for Firefox. This in turn calls Lighthttpd which then calls PHP. The PHP then interacts with a SQLite database. The only catch is that I want to work on compiling PHP4 with Lighthttpd together in the same directory and not have this PHP4 interfere with any files in /etc, /var, or /usr. Instead, you run it from the single directory in standalone, unthreaded mode because this is not a web app we're talking here, but a rich client standalone app. If you have info on how to compile PHP4 and Lighthttpd in this way, drop me a blog line at . Thanks.

Cannot Take Ruby on Rails Seriously!

Model View Controller architecture is enforced? Give me a break. Isn't that sooo Java? I can't think in MVC mode. My mind won't let me. It hurts. Then, when I looked at the source code for RoR, I just had to laugh. Looks like Fortran and Java mixed together with C#. No way I'm going to touch that stuff. Programmers need to program, not have their language get in the way. That's why I stick with PHP.