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Friday, October 20, 2006

Second State

Recently I came across an interesting fanatic post on Reddit about a USA citizen wanting to get a bunch of people to move to Kansas and succeed from the USA. He seemed to be reading too much Socrates. I decided it would be a fun exercise to figure something out, even though I don't agree it can work. And, of course, it would be illegal in the USA.

His concerns were:

  • High state and local taxes.

  • Taxes that fund violent armies and massive militaries that just make the situation worse.

  • Have not cared for the planet enough.

  • Have not encouraged free/fair trade.

  • Have focused too much on capitalism and not enough on community sharing.

So he wants a place to go where he can hide from taxation; militaries; bad air, land, or water; money; and unfair trade. He's thinking of a utopia in Kansas. Strangely, a bunch of utopians formed in Wisconsin near the Lincoln years and that eventually formed the Republican Party, which seems to be a complete antithesis of this guy's goals these days.

The Place To Live
Well, unfortunately, the United States is the best place to live because our court system is messed up, but it's leagues better than anywhere on Earth. Of course one could argue that they wouldn't end up getting caught and could stay out of jail and prison, but that's not entirely realistic -- things happen. Therefore, why not join the country where the legal system is the best so that you might actually have a chance to get back to society again?

Avoiding Taxation
Of course, you could simply move to a state with the least amount of taxation, and believe me it's less than the taxation in most countries, but that's probably not what this fanatic wanted. The trick for this fanatic is to simply vanish. You need to find ways to make it look like you left the country, or just ended up missing. Next, you'll need several people to join you so that you can pool your skills, talents, and resources because when you're supposedly missing, you can't exactly ask for help all the time you need it without getting caught. And when your clan produces children, they'll have to be delivered without doctors and there could be some high mortality rates. Plus, if the genetics aren't right, you could interbreed too much and the defects go up even more. So this won't work.

Another route, and which is probably more effective, is to do a mix of low-paying, part-time jobs so that you keep a steady income, and then in the second half of your day, you generate wealth on the Internet through things like Affiliate Marketing, Online Dating, Online Gambling, Jewlery Sales, Software, and so on. The part-time jobs can be at the mall, libraries, movie theaters, or working in hotels. However, when you generate wealth in the second half of your day, you use offshore banks instead of USA banks in order to skip major taxation that funds an immoral military. Then, you need to fly to these countries and bring back something that you can resell again for at least 80% of the amount, if not more. One avenue is a series of diamonds which conceal easily, and getting multiple people with you to bring these back. Another route is to mail it back to postal boxes, and use boxes you switch a lot and which are all over a 3 or 4 state area so as to minimize getting caught. When the diamonds or other items are smuggled in, you then use a distributed network to resell the items in a 3 or 4 state area to get cash. Meanwhile, as you do this, realize that the FBI and other government agencies will want to be monitoring you, so you'll have to monitor them. And oh, by the way, you'll need cash for sophisticated equipment to manage that.

Caring for the Environment
This you can easily fix by simply using your mind and thinking about your actions and how to do it better either by your own willpower or with technology.

To avoid the harm of capitalism, you could attempt your own form of communism. The problem with communism, however, is that generations of people's children and grandchildren start to lose the original message and drive to keep this going. This is especially far more tough when outside influences come in. Because everyone gets the same amount, they lose incentive to do better for the sake of those who cannot do better, or to have any kind of profit motive to do better. So that's when communism with a little c becomes Communism with the big C -- that's when totalitarianism enters the picture, where authoritarian rule is introduced again to force workers do work for the benefit of the community again, and thus for themselves.

Avoiding Help for the Military
You may be annoyed that the military is fighting a war in your lifetime that you may completely disagree with. You can't avoid the draft legally, and you can only hold out in avoiding it illegally. You might have to go to prison or escape to Canada when that happens, or leave for Canada before it happens. You could also try to vanish, but then there goes any medical help you might need in the future.

There is also the taxation problem where taxes go into a military you do not support. You already minimize your taxation a great deal, so you're doing about all you can do to exist but help the military the least.


My conclusion is that you might be able to escape somewhere else and get better perks, but you'll find either higher taxes, poor court systems, and/or bad medical attention, and one of those is just enough to kill the benefit. Your best bet is to:

  • Avoid the news and shopping in malls. It connects you too much with the outside world. If you don't notice your military's bad deeds, it makes it that much easier to swallow.

  • Make so much money and share it with those who deserve it most in your commune of sorts such that taxation and financial problems are overcome. Stuff you do with the Internet seems about the easiest thing you can do with proven results and the largest possible benefit for the least amount of effort.

Getting Wealthy Ain't So Bad

Don't you just hate arrogant wealthy people? Me too!

*long pause*

Wait a minute. I thought this article was about "wealthy not being bad". Yep, that's right. So when you hate arrogant wealthy people, it's because they were arrogant, wasn't it? It wasn't the wealth part. Or perhaps you called them tightwad wealthy people, and you were really upset that they were tightwads. Yes, there will also be some built-in jealousy between the different financial classes of society. The fact is that there will always be poor people and wealthy people. Unless you're lucky and inherit the family business, we get wealthy from skills that others do not have, do not know they have, or do not market, and which these skills generate a marketable interest, and which we can make so much that we save more than we spend.

Getting wealthy ain't so bad. It really isn't. If you believe in God, and I do, then you can realize that this is God's gift to you of providence. However, we must wield this gift carefully so that we are not arrogant or tightwad and are more benevolent with wonderful projects. Wealth, you see, is God's foundation he helps you build. From that foundation you can stand on your own two feet quite well in order to help others. And I do hope that you help others. Unfortunately capitalism these days isn't about helping others. We need a return to ethics in capitalism -- ethical capitalism. So when you do generate wealth, please turn around and take anything, even if it's just 20%, and devote not just your money, but your time as well, in helping people in the poor class and middle class. Imagine helping a trash family in the Philippines who have to live in a trash dump in order to survive. There are organizations over there that help feed these people and give the children a place to play, be educated, bathe, be safe, stay clean, and learn a way to get out of this rut. Yet I also don't want you to forget about the middle class guy who was just laid off, is standing in the unemployment line with not much success, and could really just use a boost to pay 3 months of his mortgage until he could get back on his feet.

So here's the big secret. I know you love secrets, right? Do you know how to make a website? No, then please get a couple books and learn how. Then, when you know how, read and do this:

Applying The Kiss Method To Your Projects (which you can also rename as "Website Ads Can Make You Rich").

Thanks to my new buddy Jon that I met at Wicked Fire, this was an excellent thing to learn.

And some other advice I have received has been to get my webhosting at Host Gator because they have good pricing from low, mid, and high ranges, have lots of free features, have great tech support, and are a great provider to help you scale your successful Website Advertisement projects from low end to high end.

This website advertising is really all about making content on a site, adding a forum with a product like vBulletin, and then adding in advertisements on each page from Google Adsense.

Spend very little money, bring up a dozen sites that are similar in theme but on different topics, and if you need any programming expertise or hosting security expertise, find a pay-a-programmer project site on the web to see if you can pick up inexpensive Indian labor. Then, index the site at Google. When one site does well, try to analyze why it does well, and then try to replicate those concepts on your other sites.

As these sites generate more income from ad revenue, you'll need some of that money to pay for more bandwidth at Host Gator, and to perhaps pay for other marketing avenues such as paying for clicks from other sites to your site to give you a bit of a boost here or there. Then, purchase more sites and repeat this process. Eventually you get so good that you can move from shared hosting to dedicated hosting at hostgator, and then after a bit you realize you've outgrown them. By then, you'll be so wealthy that you can rent office space in a spare room of perhaps some accountant's office, bring in a fractional T1, put some dedicated Linux/PHP/MySQL servers on UPS power, and pay someone to check in on it for you from time to time like a single mom living at home.

Worry first about getting something out there, then worry about everything else once it's getting eyeballs. And places like Wicked Fire can help you get there. And if you're a programmer like me, don't let your programmer mentality add to your procrastination. And if you have other projects on the table, get them done and get them out of the way so that you can move into the new world of Affiliate Marketing.

Oh, and I guess I should add one more bit of advice. As you make great bootstrap cash from Affiliate Marketing, you do realize you can branch out into eBay Marketing, or building eCommerce websites, or building political candidate websites or websites for anyone in general. You might also have other ideas, and now you have the cash to make these come true.

As you move up the chain from shared hosting to perhaps the level 2 plan of dedicated hosting, please consider, however, your new place in society. You have the intelligence to make a difference, and I ask you to start with 10%, but then move to 20 or 30%, in returning to the lower and middle classes of society both your money, your time, your kindness, and your love.