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Monday, September 11, 2006

On Leaving for Iraq with Haliburton

A relative of mine found a deal where he could teach Iraqis to be prison guards. He stands to make $400,000 tax free, all expenses paid, for one year of abusive work with abusive, hectic management, strange food, crazy people, and a strange land. From that, he can come back and pay off his house, his farm, and still have some money left over. So then another relative of mine heard this and is considering earning $80,000 in a deal to teach Iraqis a career in pest control. I guess they're teaching careers right now in Iraq and this sounds like a good cause.

Okay, but then what happens when these relatives of mine, which I consider like brothers, end up dead, or kidnapped and forced to say things they do not believe, or beheaded, or dragged through the streets, or stoned to death, or eyes gouged out, or blown up from an IED alongside a road? Or what happens when they come home to finally realize that they missed out on a whole year with their children that they cannot get back again without a time machine?

Their wives, unfortunately, are encouraging them not for the sake of Iraqis, but for CASH. Instead, I told my wife, "It's just money." Sure, I'm not doing so well right now financially, but you cannot put a price on experiencing life with your children while they're still home.


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