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Monday, July 24, 2006

Sinatra & Swing & Motivated To Code

I'm nearly 40 and I tell you, after all these years of programming software, I never really took to Swing and Sinatra like I do today. But you find that it's a great change that doesn't annoy people (most of the time). The steady secondhand beat of the sound, which I listen to dimly of course, keeps me moving with less pauses. It also encourages me to type about the same rhythm, which would be about double-time to the beat. In contrast, imagine programming to the sounds of rock and then a guitar solo kicks in??? There goes your concentration. And nothing's more annoying about pop and rock then having to change the channel so often because the song sucks.
The swing music reminds me of calmer times when people were dignified with each other. Sinatra, as well, gives you the lyrics of sticking it to The Man, making it happen, picking yourself up in the Big City. What better sound to listen to when working on your startup company? The Basso nova sound of some swing reminds me of the best that South America has to offer. The old timey sound of older jazz or big band reminds me of black and white movies, real dreams, and real love.
So when you lack motivation in your startup company, or in your times you're struggling through writing software, consider swing jazz and big band sounds, dimly playing, to keep you going.
On Linux, I've hooked up Beep Media Player and Streamtuner, connected to Shoutcast, and am back at work in a jiffy.
Last, my grandmother, a wonderful woman like a second mother to me, full of grace and style, someone I'd call my last great advocate, someone who practically saved my life twice, passed away suddenly a few years ago. I recall spending weekends at her place, waking up in the morning, and she had an old Sinatra or Tommy Dorsey record on. That was a good memory.


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