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Friday, July 28, 2006

How To Bring Down Microsoft

I read with great interest this article this morning...

Zune Will Produce Massive Losses to Microsoft

...stating that Microsoft will have to produce its new iPod-knockoff at a great loss in order to get you to pay for other products and services surrounding it. We Linux advocates have had fun with things like this ever since we figured out how to put a Linux OS on the XBox and XBox 360. Many have speculated that if you can put Linux on Microsoft's loss-leader hardware, and never purchase any of its expensive products or services surrounding it, that this can hurt Microsoft where it counts.

As well, if you haven't installed OpenOffice on Windows yet, if you're a Windows home user, then I'm surprised why not. Who wants to pay the outrageous cost of MS Office? I don't. However, because my office uses it, I must interact with them with something that works with it. Thank goodness it's free.

So if you're a Linux fan, consider your next hardware purchase to be an XBox 360 or Microsoft's Zune-pod thing, and look on the Internet for where people have already hacked it or are about to do so. You may end up with something you enjoy and it's one small step to stick it to mean old Microsoft.


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