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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sticking it to the oil men

They say it costs too much to move to a hybrid car or SUV, and it does when you look at the whole picture -- at least now. However, my opinion is that we must do this. We must do it because it is our way of sticking it to the oil men, to show we really do have a choice, and if the more of us do it, the less the oil men will get. Besides, if we move in this direction on the gas/electric hybrids and the ethanol, perhaps we can make a difference just long enough until the hydrogen economy begins to occur. When that occurs, we will have helped our environment and have a renewable resource to last us for a good long time. We will also have brought peace to this world because really the belligerent, arrogant ones in this world are only that way because of the black gold that they possess. Make that gold worthless and I believe their vanity will use up whatever is left, leaving them like the sand they live in. The western world will prosper and persevere. Yes, I believe it's going to happen soon and the times will change.


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