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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Drop Linux GNOME Nautilus in Favor of Thunar

Do you find GNOME Nautilus, the Linux file manager, to be slow? I just found out that XFCE is using the Thunar application to replace Nautilus. It's much zippier and is fairly stable. If you have Ubuntu (and who doesn't these days?), then here's the way to install. Note that you first have to allow universe, multiverse, and backports (I don't know which ones are required, but enabled all three) in order for you to install Thunar without hassle. Once you have done that, then do one of these:

Breezy users:-

deb breezy backports contrib
deb-src breezy backports contrib

Dapper users:-

deb dapper contrib
deb-src dapper contrib

Then, do apt-get update and apt-get install thunar.


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