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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PostgreSQL Emulating Oracle - Save Cash

If anyone touts Oracle to you ever again, consider this:

It's built with PostgreSQL for Linux (and another for Windows) and both are 100% free. You only pay for tech support.

So why is that exciting? Well, because you can load Oracle applications on it, that's why! Check this baby out:

"...EnterpriseDB runs most applications written for Oracle unchanged, virtually eliminating the great expense and the risk of failure typically associated with technology migration. Enterprise-class features, including PL/SQL syntax, cursors, data types, triggers, stored procedures and views are the same in EnterpriseDB as they are in Oracle. Any Oracle developer or DBA can work with EnterpriseDB without retraining, and EnterpriseDB's tools will be immediately familiar to them. Of course, applications written for EnterpriseDB can also be run on an Oracle database at any time..."

Perhaps some potential downsides are:

* Company was founded in March 2004.
* Company shipped first product in May 2005.


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