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Monday, March 20, 2006

PHP Frameworks Should Be Easier

PHP frameworks are somewhat of a pain because they have a steep learning curve. Some programmers swear by them so that your code doesn't look like the old Microsoft Active Server Pages with html and code intertwined.

I still think there's room here for an even better system. It should be minimalist and fast, with the main goal of simply separating HTML and code, and puts CSS-addressable style tags on your HTML. An added bonus would be a really slick form generator in an HTML table kind of structure, as long as the API were easy to implement. And a customizable grid would be nice too. If it uses Javascript at all, it should use minimal ECMAScript that works in both IE 5+ and Firefox.

To use it should only take about 10 minutes to learn. It doesn't need to do slicing and dicing and all that other kitchen stuff.


  • At Mon Mar 20, 05:30:00 PM MST , Anonymous oldfool said...

    I agree.

    I get the impression that PHP frameworks are a little like the development of good GUI's for the Linux Desktop. After awhile you may not want or need one. But in the learning phase it could sure help.

    And some of these people in the J2EE world want serious money for their frameworks. alas.

    I am reminded of an incident from a few years ago.

    Some asp coders at work thought that "easy" was about 40 hours of work. The then spend about a day proving up their proposal. Someone else who was thinking a little out of the box then showed the Director a little cgi script that did the same thing .. with about 2hrs of work, looked a little crude, but did the job, was more what the Director was looking for and was CHEAP!

    The Director was hoping for the 2hr to 4hr answer .. not the 10x - order of magnitute greater answer.

    A lady I know (Ms. S) apparently spun up a site in 2 calendar months .. and then protested .. well it did not take every hour of the day. But still that is expensive and long.

    When I saw parts of the site, I thought, this should be about a week worth of work. But I don't think she was sandbagging. I think it is the technologies we have available.


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