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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What Would Ghandi Do?

With this whole no-way-to-win, Al-Queda or islamofascist anti-Western Civilization thing, what do we do now? Where do we go? Have the generations that brought us all this technology suddenly found no more ways to innovate and get us out of this rut? How come we have no more Solomon-like gurus like Ghandi suggesting ways out of this mess? How do you win an ideological war where the violent, madman cowards won't even tell you their demands except the impossible demand of everyone suddenly converting to their same ideology? Unlike what Bush would like to think, these are no terrorists with ransom demands -- these are cult madmen. You ever try to rid the world of a multinational cult? You can't. All you can do is take centuries to root them out and lure them away to derivative ideologies, new prophets and messiahs, new cults, and hopefully less violent ones. I think the world has seen this cycle of violence before, many centuries ago, and we had a false sense of calm for a few centuries that has only shown resurgence. The founding fathers of the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights were only finding ways to placate and organize the masses in places separate from these madmen until that time when the madmen come back to try to take over the world. That time is now.

I guess all I can say is that we can just look forward to the Mayan predictions that the world will have a great cataclysm in mid December, 2012. More than likely the magnetic poles will shift, an asteroid will hit us or nearly hit us, a huge flood will happen again as it has been recorded for centuries in a great big cycle, and the only people left will be those who live in the mountains. Hopefully the wise men of that time can form another Christian-like cult with new prophets and messiahs, and placate the masses to get them to rebuild civilization again, hopefully for the better until they split and try to kill each other again, centuries later.

God, hear my prayer. You can either send us in this predicted cycle again, or you can intervene. Please touch us and prove to the non-believers that indeed you are real.


  • At Mon Nov 27, 08:28:00 PM MST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think that the only possible solution for insane cults and many other problems that affect the world today is education. REAL good education.
    I mean... Educated people will not believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, spirits, people with special powers (where are those people these days??) and stuff like this.
    Religion is a mess... People born, survive, reproduce, eat and die. If there is some after, the after is the very things that you did while you were here.
    I know that you believe in God, but you are well educated enough to don't try to kill me after what I wrote here.
    There is also the option to not give training in guerrilla warfare for poor people in order to achieve some political goal in some foreigner country...
    There is a common believe that one should not give a knife as a gift for anyone: it may not only "cut" the friendship, as it may cut you back.
    Gandhi would probably choose peaceful solutions for most of his problems.


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