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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Next Big Internet Site Idea

After being greatly inspired by this link...

...I just had to come up with a website idea that drives all its income from Google AdSense. So here it is.

Mix a dating site with an online free gambling site (using fake money) with a version of, minus all the fancy artwork and minus the 3D-ness. Promote the site purely as a virtual online gambling world with multiple "cities", but cloak the fact that it's also a matchmaking/dating/flirting site underneath as well. Throw in real online chat. Throw in some "bots" that help in the game play and which can range from being mean to average to witty to hilarious. Make it so that funny situations happen, like being mugged, or thrown in jail, or dropping cash and seeing someone else by accident, and a thousand other situations to make it more real. Make it so that no one really bottoms out -- even bankrupt and/or homeless people have a chance to get a bailout if they look for the clues, take some risks again, and strive slowly to get back on top again. And those who move up the income chain get more power in the game to affect the lives of others in a positive or negative direction, or even create new worlds, except that computer odds can sometimes defeat their actions.

Throw in a fortune teller bot that acts as inspiration, Buddhist philosopher, witty humorist, matchmaker, and can even be paid to act sort of like a cupid with other players.

Why mix in online dating and flirting? Well, because it's got an addictive nature to it in addition to the gambling and the virtual world. Plus, people who go to online dating sites may find them to be too blatant, too obvious, and too direct what you're doing, and therefore are avoided. What better way to soften things up by making the site feel like an online gaming site where dating seems to almost happen by mistake and which is actually REAL.

In a nutshell, it's like monopoly-meets-dating-meets-virtual-worlds without the fancy artwork and without the 3D.


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