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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quit Using DIV Tags Already

I don't mean quit using DIV tags altogether, but dang it, if you're going to use them in your HTML to replace where you might be using TABLE tags, test them in all kinds of font situations and on Macs, the top 4 versions of desktop Linux, and Windows, using Firefox, IE6 and 7, and Safari. Please!!!!

You see, the problem is that I now go to many sites where the message is out that DIVs are what you're supposed to use instead of TABLE tags. But the problem I'm seeing is that text is bleeding over into other columns and on top or under pictures. TABLE tags can prevent that. So can really good CSS tweaks and some sufficient testing with those existing DIVs.

But no, programmers aren't getting it, and they're ruining the web.

Just today I went to a really nicely designed page at Yahoo for their new search engine marketing. I noticed that even the big Yahoo corp can't get it right and some of the DIVs were bleeding text over into other stuff. Did they only test on IE? Did they only use Windows? Yeah, they probably did.


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