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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Internet Addiction vs. Web Development from Home

Reddit, emails, and YouTube are the enemy of the web developer. They are highly addictive and you end up never getting anything done. Tell yourself you're going to avoid them for a whole two days.

The fix for me has been old swing music because it has a steady beat to keep your mind moving and not sleeping like environmental/nature music would, isn't dismal, doesn't have solos like in pop and rock that cause your mind to be distracted, doesn't have cuss words like rap, and doesn't cause you to get up and want to switch the dial that often. I mean, the music is tolerable. To get swing, tune to Internet radio such as on Shoutcast.

Next, put up a big white board, shut your home office door, and draw things about the app on it. If you take a short nap, time it and visualize success while dozing off. Get up and get back to work. Make a short list of goals on the app and achieve them.

And don't blog about it like I'm doing here -- get to work! In fact, if you're reading this, make this the last blog you read today.


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