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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Prograph, Back from The Dead

Oh no, Prograph is back from the dead, now with shades of it appearing in Marten. Did someone put magic shrooms in my tea? Yep, and it's only going to run on the Mac. I used to be a Mac user years ago before I got sucked away into the make-money-on-Novell phenomenon and then was in a deep haze with Windows for a few years before finally landing in the wonderful world of Ubuntu Linux. Anyway, when I worked with Macs, I used to be quite good at programming cute, fun things in Prograph back in the day. They even had worldwide conferences for the language in Nova Scotia, supposedly. Thank goodness for Bluefish IDE, PHP language, PostgreSQL database, pgst database tool (which I wrote), and Ubuntu Linux. Now I can get some real work done. It's also kinda hard to keep passing screenshots of my Prograph "source" through email and online forums in order to get help. Better to do it with real source code. What's next? Bringing back Hypercard?


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